Safeguarding Policy


The choir seeks to promote the highest standards in this area, as a choir we have a legal responsibility to set out the policy of the choir. Hereford Police Choir is an amateur choir who on occasion works with children. The choir is a registered charity.

The choir comes together once a week for two hours to rehearse and deliver concerts to the public.

The choir has a director and an accompanist who leads the choir in music. They are self employed and are not considered to be employees as such neither are they volunteers. This applies to substitute accompanists or conductor.

The choir has 4 section representatives.

The choir has a committee which manages the choir on a day to day need. This meets monthly and is elected once a year in the AGM.

The choir recognises that it is unlikely that in the group situation the rehearsals will afford opportunities for any form of abuse or but nevertheless realises the legal need for a policy.

The Policy 

1) The policy will be published on the website and be drawn to the attention of members at the AGM.

2) Young people are welcome to perform with Hereford Police Male voice choir as long as they are accompanied by a parent or designated adult. This applies at rehearsals and concerts away from Shire Hall

3) Hereford has a designated person who has a DBS check who will act as the choirs contact for any concerns. If that person is not available Dave   Coulson the secretary will be the contact. 

4) Detailed guidance will be available from the above two members of the choir.

5) Any recruitment of staff should consider the suitability of that person to work with young people and adults with additional Needs.

6) The policy should be approved by the Hereford Police Choir committee on an annual basis.

7) The choir operates a bursary competition where young people perform to an audience; the policy applies to this competition.

8) Any adults within the choir who have additional needs will be supported by a wife or partner. If needed the voice representative, or another. This is particularly important when in concerts away from rehearsal space. (The choir recognises that some of the choir develop needs during their membership.})

Important definitions

The choir defines a young person as under the age of 17.

The choir defines additional needs as an adult who needs support physically or emotionally.